Thursday, May 24, 2007

My WinterPromise Curriculum and Why I Love It.

Our Animals and Their Worlds theme Science books.

These are the "One Small Square" Books which form the backbone of our Animals and Their Worlds theme. We will have 7 habitats to study: African Savanna, Woods, Swamp, Rainforest, Coral Reef, Arctic Tundra, and Desert. The books have information AND activities for us.

This is the "advanced" book set... I think they look extremely fascinating.

The DK Animal Encyclopedia gives us lots of details and wonderful illustrations about all the animals we will study.

These are "just for fun" read-aloud books, and our "God Made Everything Weird and Wacky/Strange and Slimy" devotional books.

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Nicola said...

Hi Snow White, Thanks for your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you too! I just looove looking at all these photos of AW and the LA, thanks for sharing!

Oak Park said...

The WinterPromise books look awesome:)

We love the DK books as well. Lucas has the Amazing Human body book and the CD-ROM that is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snow White,
I don't know if you remember me misty316 from homeschool reviews we talked about exchanging blog addresses and emails and chatting back and forth about WP AW. I finally just got to order so I couldn't start when you did but I hope to be starting soon. I love to come here and look at all the pics of your books. I can't wait for our box day. Maybe one day I will figure out how to get pics on my blog. Oh I saw where you came to GA thats where I live. I don't know where you live. Hope you enjoyed the peach state. Visit me soon, or
Make sure you put you WP in the email subject with your name I don't open all emails, especially ones I don't recognize.