Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Activity books

This is Mommy's part.... the activity books and Instructor's guide. I am beyond thrilled to have found WinterPromise, because they give me plenty of options for hands-on activities. The two books you see here are a little young for Joshua, so I will save some of the activities for Andrew's Kindergarten year!

Here are the "older" activity books. This is the part I need SOOO much help planning. I am not nearly brave or creative enough to come up with this stuff independently. If I have a schedule that tells me to "go outside and look for bugs" and then "draw them in your notebook", we will actually DO that! (I know that from our experience this year with Hands on Homeschooling K).

These are Joshua's activity books, and the Eric Carle poetry book. We read one page of animal poems each week. Joshua is already an Eric Carle fan and I am a huge poetry fan, so I know this book will be a winner. I am also really looking forward to using the "My Animal Notebook" pages. They will help us cement our knowledge of the "animal of the week."

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ReneeM said...

I like how you said the older activity books "were for you" If I hadn't already ordered this, I would be definitely considering it!! :)

Leslie said...

Thank you for posting the photos of these books. I think I'm going to look into them for my own kiddos!