Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Vacation

We went to Georgia for Independence Day week, including the weekends before and after. This is an annual event for us, which we look forward to greatly. John grew up spending parts of every summer in Georgia with his Papa and Nanny. So now he can continue that practice and share it with me and our sons.

Our "Granny", John's mom, also joined us from Louisiana.

Tuesday was one of our trip highlights. We took a day trip to Savannah and Tybee Island beach, along with Granny and John's cousin Jordan and his wife Tiffany. We all had a wonderful time, as you can see in the following slideshow (click on it to view). In case it doesn't work through dial-up, here is a link to the picasa site:

On a sad note, John's great-uncle Elmer went to be with the Lord. John served as a pall bearer at the funeral on Saturday. We are glad Elmer no longer has to battle Parkinson's disease. His new body won't lose its movement! Praise the Lord.

Joshua's Planting Science Project

This spring, when things were winding down with school, Joshua had an inspiration after we read a children's science book about plants.
He decided we needed to plant bean plants like the child in the book! I agreed, so we had a little science project with egg shell halves, soil, bean seeds and water. Click on the image below to see a slide show about our project. In case it doesn't work for dial-up, here is a link to the picasa page where it resides:

Before we went on vacation, we transplanted our plants to the backyard, where several of them still survive. We shall see whether they yield any fruit.

Meeting a WinterPromise Group Member!

In June, I had the privilege to meet Alisa Russell and her family! We had lunch at Oxmoor Mall in Louisville, as they were vacationing and visiting friends in the area. Here is a picture:

This is Andrew R, John, Alisa, Andrew C (In Mom's arms), Joshua and yours truly. It was so nice to chat about WinterPromise and homeschooling in general. What a nice afternoon.