Friday, April 20, 2007

Joshua can ride his bike!

This is big news, and I can't wait til dh John gets a "round tuit" and decides to upload the video to YouTube. Once that happens, I will edit and add a link, but for now you can just enjoy still photos of the learning process.

Joshua decided he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels. We have been taking family bike rides in the evening, all the way down to Andrew on his little 12 inch bike with training wheels. The boys are so cute in their helmets and Joshua always makes sure to stay way ahead and be the winner, getting home first! After we get home, Joshua has asked for two-wheel lessons. So John obliges and runs up and down the street with a hand on Joshua's hood. But on Tuesday, Joshua LEARNED how to go by HIMSELF! Wooo hooooooo!

Now every day the boys are taking bike rides during recess. I stay afoot so I can keep Andrew out of traffic. (Not that we get a lot on our dead end!)

I will update more another time... I am all excited over our new WinterPromise materials which we will use for our homeschool next fall. I will spread them out and take pictures, as well as tell why they are so exciting to me. Now that I have written that, it obligates me to follow through!

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are too cute! My 6yo is begging to take his training wheels off but as much as I see him bouncing off them I don't think he's ready LOL. Nightly bike rides are a great idea for practice. :)