Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hmmm... Can I be a "Blogger"?

I am thinking if I can keep my act together, a blog would be an awesome way to keep my far-flung friends and family updated on our lives. Considering I have broken countless resolutions to journal in the past, it is worth trying one more time!

Right now, life is pretty vanilla bland. Joshua is getting over a virus, poor boy.

This will be our last bland week for a while. John's parents are coming to visit us from Wednesday through Sunday (all the way from Louisiana!), so that will be exciting.

A week from Monday we look forward to seeing my aunts, Marilyn and Gretchen from Ohio. Maybe we will see "Uncle" Norm and his boss Jason that weekend as they speed through to check out the farm equipment show in Louisville.

The last week of March we get to have fun with Nathanael during his spring break (and he gets to sample homeschooing for the week!)

Then April includes Easter and a visit from John's cousins Marcus and Jordan (and Jordan's wife Tiffany). That will be a blast too!

So our life is going from vanilla bland to salsa spicy in a short period. I'm hanging on for the ride!

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